Cutting-edge Dental Technology

at Marsden Dental Group

Crown Milling Machine

Our investment in state-of-the-arts ceramic milling technology allow us to produce beautiful laser accurate dental crowns while you wait in the comfort of our surgery.

Air-flow Polishing

The Marsden Dental Group has the latest in teeth cleaning technology! Air-Flow by EMS uses an innovative technique of using compressed-air to clean and polish your teeth. The specialised Air-Flow machine blows a mixture of water and powered particulates at your teeth. The method cleans the tooth evenly and thoroughly. There is no scraping or rotating machinery involved, which makes it a better experience for you. Not only that, but it can clean and polish areas of your teeth which normal techniques cannot reach.

OPG, Digital X-rays & Intra Oral Camera

With the use of modern technology, we are able to take digital x-rays and OPGs in-house providing instant images for viewing and aiding diagnosis time and accuracy.

Lasers Dentistry & The Wand

Besides the various sedation options, we can use modern equipment (Lasers and the Wand) to provide virtually pain free dental treatment. The Wand is very popular with our nervous and young patients.

Whiter Teeth in a Single Visit

Philips Zoom Whitening has become the obvious choice for anyone considering teeth whitening. Why wouldn’t you? It is administered by our professional dentists. It takes not more than 1 hour and you get instant results! No need for multiple visits, whiter healthier looking teeth in a Zoom! Call us, we have the Zoom machine and we can book you in asap.

Kaps Microscope

We have recently added a Kaps dental microscope to our practice. Using a microscope during various dental procedures provides the dentist with much improved vision of the tooth being operated on. The improved vision helps with exacting procedures where the dentist has to be careful not to harm the tooth and remove material at the microscopic level. Root canal is procedure which requires very fine movements and good vision of the tooth canal itself. If you want the best possible job, you’ll want a dentist using a microscope.

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