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Special Care

Emergency Care

We can see you today! If you are in any pain due to a toothache or feel you may have traumatized a tooth we need to see you urgently. Even when we are busy our policy is to attend to these patients as soon as possible.

We also welcome Dental Vouchers and those eligible for the with Child Dental Benefit Scheme.


Children Dentistry

We wish to make every visit to the dentist fun for your child. We believe their early memories of dental visits will last a lifetime, so we endeavor to create a comfortable environment that they feel welcomed and can trust. We strongly encourage you to introduce your children to a caring sensitive dentist as early as 2 years of age unless there is something that concerns you. A routine check-up will reinforce the need for active oral care and hygiene. We also offer treatment designed to prevent tooth decays in children.

Find out if your child can receive free dental treatments under theĀ Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme. Ask our dentists also about the popular Wand.

Laser Dentistry

We can offer modern Laser dentistry when such usage gives improved treatment outcomes more effectively than conventional means. The experience can be without local anaesthesia and virtually painless.